Stuff to Do

I have the day off from work, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to do. I have a ton of cleaning I need to get done, so that’s how I will spend my day… once I get out of bed, that is!

I’m happy I don’t have to go to work today, but I want to keep moving! I’m really happy that I have all of this energy now.

Blue Nails

Here’s a fun tip: if you don’t have nail polish, dye your hair blue and it will stain your nails. It also won’t come off with soap and water, or nail polish remover. The best part is that if I lightly scratch my face, I end up with blue lines in the area.

Today is clean up day. I will get this dye off of my nails and skin no matter how long it takes. I don’t mind with light staining from dye, I’ve dealt with it many times in the past, but I am not leaving the house with blue patches all over me!

I love the color blue, I really do, just not all over my body. I also don’t mind a bit of a mess, but a contained mess, preferably just my hair. I will try everything from makeup wipes to rubbing alcohol.

By the end of the day, I will no longer look like I’m part Smurf!

What to Do

Today, I will not be doing makeup because my face needs a break from the makeup I used at my dad’s. I don’t know what caused the allergic reaction, but my eyelids are still really dry and itchy. Instead, I will be getting everything finished!

I have way too many loose ends because I like to start 80 things at once, so today I will be knocking out a lot of it! When I woke up today, I had this huge burst of energy and I want to do everything! My plate will be filled with a bullet journal, a daily routine board, work, school and a logo design! I haven’t figured out the order I will do everything in just yet, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough! I have also been neglecting my Instagram, so I need to start keeping up with that, too!

Today is the day that I get my life back on track and try to feel better about waking up every morning. I’m taking back control (again) and I don’t plan on letting go!

A Lesson Learned

Last night I made the mistake of going to bed without washing my face. The makeup still looked decent, but it was plastered onto my face! Water couldn’t get this stuff off of me!

This has happened to me before, but I didn’t care and just let it wash off when it wanted to. With this project, I have to stay on top of this.

Today, I actually used towelettes and a peel-off face mask for their intended purposes: to clean and refresh! I honestly forgot I had these, but I remember only using the towelettes in the summer because they felt cool on my face, and the face mask because I enjoyed peeling it off my face. They’re actually useful and would highly recommend Burt’s Bees and Freeman products to anyone starting off with makeup or looking to try something new!

My ideal daily routine is as followed:

  1. Wake up and wash up
  2. First blog post
  3. Makeup and take pictures
  4. School and work
  5. Wash face
  6. Second blog post
  7. Sleep

Once I nail waking up at a normal hour and staying up, it’ll get easier. I originally started writing this post at 10 AM, and it’s now 4:30 PM. I have never had a great sleeping pattern, but my body is now completely out of whack.

I won’t be doing makeup today, but I will be working on my bullet journal and school. I am going to keep trying to get this right, no matter what it takes!





My Vanity is Clean!

I accomplished what I set out to do today! I cleaned up my vanity and everything is organized… sadly, I learned that I have a serious makeup hoarding problem!

I kept track of everything and here are the totals:

  • Powders/foundation – 20
  • Eye shadow pallets – 13
  • Eye shadow pots – 8
  • Bronzer/blush/highlighter – 2
  • Eyeliner – 12
  • Mascara – 8
  • Fake eyelashes – 5 pairs
  • Nail polish – 153 in my room
  • Lipstick/gloss – 93
  • Lip pallets – 2

I started off with the drawer on the right, which was a bit of a disaster. It is now dedicated to powders, foundation and eye shadow.

Drawer 1 - before + after

I then moved onto the drawer to my left, which was surprisingly clean. It now holds eyeliner, mascara, a cup of hair ties and clips, fake eyelashes and a small box of nail polish.

Drawer 2 - before + after

They’re still a disaster, but an organized disaster and I can deal with that! I do, however, have a problem… I don’t know how I will get through all of my lip products and nail polish.

Nail and Lip

I mean, that’s a ridiculous! I have way too much makeup and beauty products for someone who rarely does their makeup. That’s going to change, though!

Starting tomorrow, I will be adding makeup and nails to my daily routine. I can honestly say that it’s going to take me a while to get through all of it, especially since I barely use any of it properly!

I guess it’s time to settle in for the night so I can wake up and start being a girl.

The Mystery of the White Button

Day 2 of laundry, and I came across a white button in the dryer. I will be spending tomorrow morning going through my clothes as well as finishing up my laundry to figure out where the button belongs.

I don’t recall any of my clothes having round, white buttons, but that doesn’t mean anything; my memory is truly terrible.

It’s getting late and I’m tired from today. This weekend I will be finishing up my cleaning and working on a logo, and hopefully by Monday, I will be moving onto the second phase of this project as well as picking up school and work again. I know there will be speed bumps, but that doesn’t mean I have to give up.

Clothes Mountain: Starting Over?

Yesterday went off with out a hitch… that is, until I realized that what I had thought I had accomplished wasn’t yet done.

The picture above is a half full laundry basket. Someone, who will remain anonymous, took my laundry out of the dryer before it was completely dry and put it haphazardly into the laundry basket, so it’s wrinkled. Then, while I was going through the basket to see if maybe there was anything I could salvage before having to do the entire load again, I found a torn up dryer sheet; this wouldn’t be any issue for most people, but I have extremely sensitive skin and those things make me break out in hives. I now have to redo the first load, and I fear I will have to redo the second load, too.

I understand that it’s just laundry and it can be washed again, shit happens, but I get extremely pissed when I have a schedule to stick to and it gets messed up and I have to do certain tasks all over again.

I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I was extremely proud of myself yesterday and now I’m just upset. My boyfriend is the only reason I didn’t drop the project.

Doing laundry is a repetitive task, but having to do the first load over again is aggravating. I really don’t have another choice, so I might as well just get started and hope that I get more done today than I did yesterday

Clothes Mountain: End of Day 1

As my day comes to a close, I got about three baskets of laundry done.

I don’t really have much else to report. I feel like I have another day or two of laundry before I get everything sorted away.

I’m proud and extremely tired from running up and down the stairs.

Tomorrow is another day! I can’t wait to be done with this and move onto the next part of my project!

It’s Happening

Well, today’s the day I reveal my greatest shame… Clothes Mountain.

This pile of shirts, socks, pants… and a couple of towels does get clean, I just never put any of it away and it is now a combination of clean and dirty. Starting today, I am going to be washing all of it.

My plan is to fill my duffel bag with clothes from a laundry basket and bring both the duffel and the basket down to the laundry room. Then, I will sort through everything, and start washing. When one load goes in, I will go back to my room to collect more clothes. Once everything is clean and has gone through the dryer, it will be folded and put into the laundry basket. This process will be repeated until all of my clothes are clean.

I don’t know how long this will take, but it’s getting done no matter what. After everything is clean, I will decide what stays, what get thrown out and what gets donated.

It is now 4 PM, and I’ve put this off long enough!