My Vanity is Clean!

I accomplished what I set out to do today! I cleaned up my vanity and everything is organized… sadly, I learned that I have a serious makeup hoarding problem!

I kept track of everything and here are the totals:

  • Powders/foundation – 20
  • Eye shadow pallets – 13
  • Eye shadow pots – 8
  • Bronzer/blush/highlighter – 2
  • Eyeliner – 12
  • Mascara – 8
  • Fake eyelashes – 5 pairs
  • Nail polish – 153 in my room
  • Lipstick/gloss – 93
  • Lip pallets – 2

I started off with the drawer on the right, which was a bit of a disaster. It is now dedicated to powders, foundation and eye shadow.

Drawer 1 - before + after

I then moved onto the drawer to my left, which was surprisingly clean. It now holds eyeliner, mascara, a cup of hair ties and clips, fake eyelashes and a small box of nail polish.

Drawer 2 - before + after

They’re still a disaster, but an organized disaster and I can deal with that! I do, however, have a problem… I don’t know how I will get through all of my lip products and nail polish.

Nail and Lip

I mean, that’s a ridiculous! I have way too much makeup and beauty products for someone who rarely does their makeup. That’s going to change, though!

Starting tomorrow, I will be adding makeup and nails to my daily routine. I can honestly say that it’s going to take me a while to get through all of it, especially since I barely use any of it properly!

I guess it’s time to settle in for the night so I can wake up and start being a girl.

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