Beginning of a New Week

It’s Monday again, and I finally get to start on the main part of my project: becoming more feminine!

Pictured above is my vanity. It’s… well, a disaster! Tons of eye shadow, pencils, mascara and foundations live on, inside and under this vanity. It’s gotten a bit out of hand, so I ill be spending my day swatching, throwing away and organizing where I will be spending most of my time in the morning from now on.

Once my vanity is clean and put together, I will begin my journey of learning how to do my makeup. I mean, I didn’t get to 22 without learning a few things, but I want to learn all the tricks to putting on gallons on foundation and looking natural. I want to be able to do my eyeliner without having one eye look like I just walked away from a fight. Most importantly, though, I want to feel pretty.

I know, I should love the way I look but I honestly don’t. I wouldn’t have the amount of makeup I do if I liked the way I looked. I’m hoping that by doing my makeup every single day, I will learn to see myself in a flattering light.

It’s time to step out of the old and into the new. Here’s to the beginning of a fresh start!

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