Have to Start Somewhere

In a previous post, I briefly touched upon my vast collection of nail polish. I currently have 153 bottle of nail polish in my room (some on the wall and some in my vanity). The funny thing is that I rarely do my nails. I know what you’re thinking… how did I come across all these bottles of nail polish? Well, that’s a funny story.

On December 22, 2015, I ordered a 3-piece nail polish wall rack so I had a place to display my polishes and other nail-related items. Now, I don’t know exactly what happened. Whether they thought I was a salon owner or maybe I won a contest, I ended up with a shipment of 144 bottles of Nabi nail polish. I had no order record on my account, and when I called customer service, they said the package was for me. I stopped questioning it and considered it good fortune. Unfortunately, the shelves didn’t arrive for another few days so I had to wait to unbox all 24 small boxes.

It has been slightly over 2 years since receiving these polishes and I have barely touched them. Opened nail polish has a shelf life of about 2 years, and I have only opened a few of them. My goal is to not only learn to paint my nails and do them every single day, but to use every bottle that exists in my room. From what I remember, the nail polishes actually give full coverage in one coat. It has been 2 years, though, so I might need to do two coats.

The biggest challenge I know I will face is that I am not ambidextrous, so I struggle to paint my right hand. I’m sure the next 22-ish weeks will be filled with some pretty interesting and funny photos of my beautiful nail art, and definitely a few videos!

I guess without anything further to say, I’m going to jump into this part of the New Year’s Resolution!

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