Sheer Pink

First day of getting through my nail polish and I didn’t read what color it was. I assumed it was a dull pink, but it was sheer! I know I will have to go through every bottle of nail polish on my shelf, but I was hoping for something a little more exciting that a sheer polish!

left + right

It didn’t turn out too bad; obviously my left looks better than my right, but that’s part of why I’m doing this! I think I’ll call this look “I dipped my fingers in melted candy”. The nail polish went on smooth, and I did do two coats of this in hopes that it wouldn’t be as see-through, but I only ended up making a bit of a mess.

All in all, I enjoyed it! I did think my right hand was going to turn out way worse than it did, so I am pleasantly surprised! I can’t wait to get through the rest of the sheer polishes so I can get into all the fun colors!

With this side quest in my overall goal, I’m going to have to start revamping the site so everything is in a section and easier to find. I will probably start construction over the weekend so I don’t get overwhelmed with everything I need to do!

The lesson I’ve learned from all of this is just because it looks like one color in the bottle, doesn’t mean it will look like that on your nails!

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