One thing I can’t stand is when I don’t know where something is. Today was going to be the day that I tried to make my logo by hand (didn’t like how the ones on my computer were turning out), but now today will be spent locating my art supplies that got lost in the hustle and bustle. I will describe what I plan on doing if I find my stuff!

I have ink and a plate that I can use to pull prints, as well as tons of calligraphy stuff. I thought I would try my hand at pulling a print and use that as the logo. If that doesn’t work, I will then move onto watercolor painting and using my paint markers. Then, if all else fails, I will be using one of my favorite painting techniques I learned in kindergarten!

When I was in kindergarten, my mom signed my up for an art class. We did everything from painting to coloring, but one day we did something that changed how I thought art was created. She took a shoe box, put a piece of paper in the bottom on it, dipped a ball in paint and put it in the box, put the lid on the box and shook it around! I thought it was so cool! I haven’t done it since, but I have plenty of shoe boxes and paint!

I’m going to be putting my frustrated energy into finding my supplies and making my logo, as well as doing work. I got up a little late today, but the sun is still out so I can still get things done!