It’s Happening

Well, today’s the day I reveal my greatest shame… Clothes Mountain.

This pile of shirts, socks, pants… and a couple of towels does get clean, I just never put any of it away and it is now a combination of clean and dirty. Starting today, I am going to be washing all of it.

My plan is to fill my duffel bag with clothes from a laundry basket and bring both the duffel and the basket down to the laundry room. Then, I will sort through everything, and start washing. When one load goes in, I will go back to my room to collect more clothes. Once everything is clean and has gone through the dryer, it will be folded and put into the laundry basket. This process will be repeated until all of my clothes are clean.

I don’t know how long this will take, but it’s getting done no matter what. After everything is clean, I will decide what stays, what get thrown out and what gets donated.

It is now 4 PM, and I’ve put this off long enough!

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