To say I had a rough night emotionally is an understatement… Between the gloomy weather and everything that’s happening, my paranoia is peaking, and I’m doing my best to cope with it and stand on my own two feet to face it all. 

Do to the stress, I had a very strange dream. I was in my room, and there was pillow stuffing everywhere. I turned around and my teddy bear, the one I’ve had my entire life, was completely destroyed. I ended up having a mental breakdown and throwing everything I owned out the window. When I woke up, I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

Yes, I’m 23, but I love my bear. He has been with me through it all. Every move, every heartbreak, everything. It’s one of the few things that I have that bring me comfort and there’s nothing that could get me to get rid of him.

I feel like there’s a lump in the bottom of my throat, and my chest is tightening. I force myself to eat through my nausea and all I want is a hug and to be told that everything will be okay. 

I need everything to be okay.

I Don’t Understand

This is going to be a more serious post. Recently, my depression has started to creep back in, bringing anxiety along with it. I didn’t realize how bad it was getting until earlier today when I took a nap.

When my depression is getting near its peak, I start to have dreams that have a beginning, middle and end, and they play out like a normal day. The longer I have these dreams, I start to blur my dreams with reality. The good thing is that I’m aware that it’s happening, but with the awareness comes panic attacks because the question of, “what’s real?” still lingers.

I’ve been having panic attacks since about 3 PM today, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop. I’m trying to stay positive, and focus on the good things, but it’s really hard when I sit here and question whether or not they’re real.

Different Pieces, Same Puzzle

There are many pieces to a puzzle that make up a beautiful picture. There are two main pieces to puzzles: the edges, which frame the bigger picture, and the inner pieces that are a collection of tiny details that eventually all fit together. Without the edges, there would be no structure. Without the inner pieces, there would be no story.

Today, as always, I was talking to that certain someone. We spent a long time talking about what we want in the future. Where I have all these ideas of what I want to do but don’t know where I’ll end up, their end goal is to be happy and will do what it takes to get there.

As we talked about the future, I started to see the edges and the center come together and make a beautiful mess, filled with trips and dreams. A picture is worth a thousand words, and I was left speechless. The details are a bit rough, but I like it that way.

Keeping it Under Wraps

Sometimes it’s hard to look forward. We can’t see past what’s happened before and we try desperately to be in the moment. The fact of the matter is that the future, second by second, is coming and going at a constant speed and we can’t stop it. We sit and plan out our lives and daydream about everything we want to do. In some aspects we do have some input as to where we’ll end up, but for the most part we don’t; we need to try to gain the ability to accept that even though the unknown is scary, it’s quite beautiful.

For a while, my initial plan for life was to rough it on my own. I was going to move to Seattle, invest in a few apartments and once I had enough money, I would go to a sperm bank and make a family for myself. If someone came along and wanted to be apart of it, they could. I wanted to have this all done by 25. Recently, my plans got completely turned upside down. I’m going to be 23 in July, I still live at home and I’m a student. I also know that I will not be going at this alone.

I never thought I would be here, with someone and have so many opportunities. This wasn’t apart of my master plan, but I am so happy that dream got demolished and replaced with this one.

Eventually, I will write about my new plan for life, but I want to keep this dream to myself for a bit longer. I’m still in shock about the whole thing, and it amazes me to the point that just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes (good tears, I assure you).

Sometimes keeping things a secret can be hard, but this has been the easiest thing to ever happen to me,