My Favorite Dream Job

Over the years, I have had many dreams of what I would be when I was older. I bounced around and tried a bit of everything: baker, interior designer, party planner, marine biologist, and many more. My favorite, however, was one I came up with in kindergarten. During my days of coloring and snack time, I wanted to be nothing else but a vampire slayer.

Now, I don’t remember thinking to myself, “You know what would be a good career? Vampire slayer.” I came across one of my drawing journals a few years ago and came across a drawing of me in a black dress and crayon blood all over the page. At the top, I wrote, “I want to be a vampir slaer.” Now, at 5 years old, I obviously didn’t realize that being a vampire slayer wasn’t a good career choice; a very difficult major and a small market!

Looking back, I was a very interesting child. I miss the days that jobs were merely a job and not a necessity. I also miss my vast imagination. I still have a lot of my creativity, but not as much as I did when I was younger. Life through a wet rag on my mind, but I’m slowly getting back to the mindset of anything is possible.


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