Like Riding a Bike

When I sat down to do my school work today, I thought I was going to have to review my notes for hours. Instead, I picked up where I left off and pushed on! I didn’t do much coding, but I did a lot of reading and took notes on pretty much everything!

When I took my student orientation, the speaker said that we wouldn’t need to take excessive notes. He said that because coding has such a great and welcoming community, that we will always be able to ask for help or find answers on the internet. I, however, didn’t listen and now I take not only title and number every single page in my binder, but take notes on everything, as well.

I can’t retain information unless I say it out loud and write it down. If the lesson I’m working on has a 5-minute video, it will take me around 30 minutes to take notes on it. I write down all the sample codes and shortcuts and make footnotes to help me remember. I’m even talking out loud as I type this. If I didn’t do any of this, my mind would be blank.

I have found that since I started coding and creating again, that my cognitive and analytical skills have become stronger, as well as I have been able to feel a sense of accomplishment with each lesson I complete. Coding essentially gave me a second chance and I’m truly happy.

Tomorrow, I will probably write about my educational journey thus far. It’s truly an interesting story, and I would love to tell it!

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