February 5, 2018 marks the day that I finally have a logo! Well, kind of… it’s a start! I’m happy with it. I was going to do so much to it, and then I decided that it’s perfect. It’s basic and works for what I’m doing, which is pretty much everything!

Another huge thing that has happened today is that I’ve reached 30 followers! I am beyond happy and excited to see that so many people have enjoyed my content. I know I’ve done this in the past, but thank you all so much for reading my posts, it truly means the world to me.

Now that I have a logo, I can start producing so much more content. I want to start making videos and posting more on Twitter and Instagram, and now I can because I have a logo. In my mind, I needed to have a logo in place before I really started to expand on the type of content I make. It’s silly, but I was holding myself back until it was done.

I am so excited to know that soon I will be able to truly share who I am with all of you. I can’t wait to see what direction I pull myself in and how I will continue to grow.