Too Many Ideas

Today was somewhat relaxing, and I had a lot of time to think. I have a habit of starting projects and then forgetting about them, and eventually coming back to them. Pictured above is one of those projects. It’s a keyboard… a spray painted keyboard.

The keyboard was originally going to be a gift for my boyfriend on our one-year anniversary. Since he lives in Australia and I live in the United States, it’s not as easy as going to the other one and exchanging gifts, so I send everything. I ended up running out of time to send it, so we ended up eating pizza, watching movies and playing games. It was really fun, but now I have this keyboard in my room that doesn’t have a purpose. That’s going to be changing.

Today I had a lot of ideas for what I want to do with the site and the project, and that keyboard came up in one of my brainstorms. I will be writing them down in my notebook soon. I have a terrible habit of coming up with ideas and not writing any of it down. I still think my memory is as strong as it used to be so it will take me a while to stop being stubborn and start writing things down.

I didn’t exercise today because I’ve had a terrible headache for hours and that much movement will make it worse. I feel weird not working out, but I think it will be good for my body to rest. I’m actually happy that I feel off because I missed something in my routine because it means I’m getting into it, which is beyond amazing for me.

I really hope this headache goes away soon so I can either sleep or work on something. I am really excited to show you guys what the keyboard is for, as well as everything else I have planned.

I completely blanked on how I wanted to finish this post, so here’s a picture of one of my cats to close this piece:


Goodnight everyone!

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