Looking Forward

Do you ever just look at someone and know that no matter what happens that everything will be okay? You could have your entire world destroyed and just seeing their face restores everything back to normal. I have that, and I have had that for quite a while.

He has been in my life for quite a while now, and I have never felt safer than I do with him. Outside of giving me hope and happiness, he gave me the strength to keep moving forward. I believe now that I can keep going, and things will get better.

When I think about the future, it isn’t dull anymore. I actually smile when I think about all the adventures we will have and the small things we will share. Even now, as we’re sitting on Skype and he’s playing a game, I can’t help but smile when I look at him.

Outside of being my boyfriend, he’s my best friend and I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side as I attempt to navigate this crazy world.

Figuring Things Out

This week has been a long one and I really don’t know how to feel about it. I’m not happy or sad about what’s happened, just here. There are still things that make me happy, but I have to hold onto them with a tight grip so I don’t fall too deep.

I’m happy this week is coming to an end, and I really hope things get better next week. This weekend, I will be doing school work and planning out more things for the blog. I need to stay focused on the good things in my life and my future.