One of those Days

Today was a day where everything felt slightly off. Nothing went wrong, but nothing was 100% okay. I don’t feel weird, but everything around me does. It’s hard to explain. Maybe I’m just tired.

I got a lot of thinking done… school, my future, life in general. I went into my mind with a few questions and left with more. Some of my questions were answered with day dreams, and others I didn’t have the time to get to. It was interesting, and I’m happy I did it. I kind of have a plan again, which I lost along the way.

Tomorrow is Friday, which means we survived another week! My night will probably consist of work, videos/movies, games, bad jokes and passing out at my computer. I might legally be an adult, but I’m still young enough to be a kid and I will continue to be one until I’m shriveled up and can barely hold a mouse or a controller.

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