Too Many Choices

I expected the hunt for a new theme to be easy. I thought I would scroll for a little bit, and then it would leap off the screen and latch to my face until I picked it. “How hard can it be?”, I thought. Very. It’s very hard.

I found about 5 themes that I like, and they all provide different things. Now, I get to enjoy trying all of them and going through a process of elimination until only one stands. Seems simple enough… if I was actually capable of making a decision. I am extremely indecisive with everything. My mind is cluttered with “maybe”s and “what if”s. If there was a way that I could use all of them, I would.

The plan for the rest of the week, outside of everything else, is to choose a theme for the blog. I’m hoping that I will be able to do so in a timely fashion but, knowing me, that’s not going to happen! I’m determined, though. I will choose a theme no matter what.

Tomorrow is going to be filled with phone calls and work, so I will be trying on new themes in my down time! I can’t wait to see who the final contestant is!

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