Slow and Steady

I learned something today… NEVER DO A FULL BODY WORKOUT AT 10 PM. I am happy I forced myself to do it, but I’m definitely going to need it to be a day thing. So the new order is: bathroom stuff, work, exercise, shower, school.

Outside of exercising and doing things other humans do, I left the house and had lunch. I am an attic dweller who forgets to eat, so leaving the house to have food is kind of new territory for me.

Since I got up late today, I lacked a bit of motivation, so I only got a couple of things done on my to-do list. I’m still proud of myself for getting some things done today! I didn’t check off shower, but I did wash off.

For the most part, I’m happy with how today went. There were some problems here and there, but it was overall good. I know I will be sore in the morning, so hopefully getting some rest will prevent a bit of the pain.

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