Baby Steps!

Today, I set out to clean my closet and I did it! There’s still a couple of small boxes in there I have to go through, but I can actually walk in there now and begin to organize my clothes.

I found a lot of interesting things during my closet adventure:

  • Candy stash that I forgot about (and threw away)
  • A metric ton of bags
  • Too many recipes
  • Small pile of clothes
  • Pok√©mon cards
  • Christmas ornaments and lights
  • Enough hangers to start a hanger wholesale shop

and finally… the floor! I found the floor! I forgot how spacious my closet was.

Now that my closet is clean and tidy, I can take on my dresser and start doing laundry for the next week (I do have clean clothes, but I have more that need to be washed). After everything is in its place, and I’ve gotten rid of the stuff I no longer use or need, I can finally start on my main goal: to become more feminine.

I feel accomplished, and I’m extremely proud of myself. I spent about 2 hours this morning just staring at the door, dreading the thought of even entering that space, and now all I want to do is keep going and re-discover my forgotten treasures!

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