Making Things Weird

This morning, I decided to go back to my first Facebook status. What a mistake that was! It was 2009 and I was 13 years old. I had nothing but a bright future and my ability to make any situation awkward. Throughout the years, I have only perfected the art of being socially awkward.

Every situation I encounter is met with me listing of random facts, asking rhetorical questions and pretty much making a fool out of myself. The good thing is that I’m also able to laugh at myself, which makes a lot of my social interactions move a lot smoother.

I truly used to hate how uncomfortable I used to make everything, but now I embrace it. I’m weird, and so is everyone else. I enjoy that I’m slightly off, and occasionally in rare form. I love telling stupid jokes that get pity laugh and half-assed smiles. Almost every good memory I have includes me doing something quirky or obscure.

I’m finally starting to accept myself, bit by bit.

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