First Day with Makeup

So I finally got to this point. I cleaned, organized and prepared all so I could start doing my makeup.

When I sat down at my vanity, I felt extremely overwhelmed and I wasn’t going to do it. After a minute or so, I started and didn’t stop for 1.5 hours! Primer, foundation, and powders took about 30 minutes; trying to get an even complexion is way harder than I thought.

After that was eye shadow, which I really don’t know how to properly use. I know it goes on the lid and that there’s supposed to be layering and blending, but I just throw one color on and that’s it.

Eyeliner was a disaster. The photo doesn’t do the bad job justice. My hands were shaking and it looks like I have never done eyeliner before in my life. In my defense, I was using a new felt pen but I shouldn’t have messed up that badly.

Finally, as I reached the end of the hour and a half, I threw on mascara, lip stick and I was done. I forgot to use my finishing spray, but I wasn’t going out so that’s okay!

I got powder all over myself and my vanity, dropped about 6 brushes, and pinched my eyelid with my eyelash curler. I think the result looks great, and I know I am going to be doing this again tomorrow.

I didn’t get to all of my goals today, but seeing how I look with makeup on gave me a huge confidence boost and it makes me want to be able to see myself like this everyday. The only thing I need to really figure out right now is how to do my hair and not letting it air dry with curl cream in it!

Today was a success! Hoping this is the start of something great!

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