The Basics

Today I’m at my dad’s house so I can’t actually do my full day routine here (mostly because I forgot some things at my mom’s house), but I did find my makeup. I have powder, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, eyelash curler and a lip gloss sword.

I haven’t done my makeup with this little since 10th grade. I never used foundation or more than one brush, so it will be interesting to retry my high school ways! If I remember correctly, the eye shadows don’t give a lot of color so I hope I will be able to layer them.

As a small, very obvious update, I did not change the website around or work on my logo this weekend. This weekend was very rough for me emotionally, and I couldn’t even think about touching this blog. I will hopefully be working on the logo today, and eventually get to the website sometime later this week.

I don’t really have much planned for today, so I’m just going to wing it! I worked so hard on setting up a daily routine that having no plan feels kind of weird. I am currently on Skype and we just finished playing golf. Once the call ends, I guess I’ll just go with the flow!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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